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the Saints are coming

The saints are models and heroes whose lives teach us how to live the faith. We remember the saints in the Mass throughout the liturgical year and we celebrate the memory of their lives. In doing this, we stay connected to their continued influence on us, both by their example and their intercession.

The saints are people for everyone and for all seasons. What better way to introduce Catholics of all ages to the community of the faith than through The Saints Are Coming game?

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Master Scorekeeper

Q+A Asked Q+A Correct for Points Percentage Correct CQ-IQ
CQ-IQ by Knowledge Category
About God 0 0 0  
About Church 0 0 0
Revelation & Faith 0 0 0
Liturgy & Sacraments 0 0 0
Morality 0 0 0
Spirituality & Prayer 0 0 0
Church History 0 0 0
Lives of the Saints 68120 50457 74.1
Old Testament 0 0 0
New Testament 0 0 0
CQ-IQ by Total Questions 68120 50457 74.1 50457
CQ-IQ by Challenge Level
Level 1 31825 25695 80.7  
Level 2 12140 9576 78.9
Level 3 12199 7695 63.1
Level 4 11956 7491 62.7
Total Games Played 7220 games @ 5 points each   36100
Total Playing Time 11,432 minutes      
Grand Total CQ-IQ       86557


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