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Welcome to CatholicQuiz of the Week, a FREE weekly resource created for catechists, teachers, students and families.

Visit us each week for reflection, discussion starters and 7 new Q+A available every Monday anticipating the coming Sunday Readings. Play the 7 Q+A quiz (Part A), reflect and discuss (Part B), and download and print to share. Great for Sunday liturgy preparation, faith formation, RCIA, youth and young adult gatherings and family life.

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CatholicQuiz of the Week Master Scorekeeper

Q+A Asked Q+A Correct for Points Percentage Correct CQ-IQ
CQ-IQ by Knowledge Category
About God 63 55 87.3  
About Church 233 199 85.4
Revelation & Faith 40 40 100.0
Liturgy & Sacraments 600 520 86.7
Morality 0 0 0
Spirituality & Prayer 310 232 74.8
Church History 46 32 69.6
Lives of the Saints 63 51 81.0
Old Testament 24119 16372 67.9
New Testament 37003 27484 74.3
CQ-IQ by Total Questions 62482 44989 72.0 44989
CQ-IQ by Challenge Level
Level 1 1810 1464 80.9  
Level 2 20777 16772 80.7
Level 3 28419 19887 70.0
Level 4 11476 6866 59.8
Total Games Played 9688 games @ 5 points each   48440
Total Playing Time 12,880 minutes      
Grand Total CQ-IQ       93429